Social Networks

Known in English as Social Networks social networks have become today one of the forces most big Internet. Among the sites most visited Internet, nearly half are social networks. It is more, the social network more popular worldwide, Facebook, recently became the site more popular in all over the Internet. So, what is a Social Network? A social network is a place where people meet online to meet and stay in contact with friends, partners, companaros of work, clients and family. Are places where one can share ideas, thoughts, problems, questions, hobbies in few words: everything you want to talk! There are all kinds of social networks. There are networks where you can upload videos as There are networks for professional people like monster. Social networks can serve for almost everything you can imagine, from help for finding work, meet new friends, and the search for partners.

This is how a social network works: you sign-up for a free account and complete your profile. Then, you look for people known or can also search for people with interest paresidos or simply interesting people. When you find someone, usually there is an option to join the network of that person with either a button that says add as friend, or otherwise. Once you join the network of that person you and that person have a connection via that page so that others can see. Each network is different but they all social networks have in common is that they are lugarse to stay connected and informed about people who interest us. In the end, social networks have their use for youths as well as adults. They can be used to meet new people, make business contacts, keep in touch with the family, or simply to reinforce its presence on the Internet. If it has not yet joined a social network you can start on these sites, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace.