It takes the quality of its interior to be effective. In this respect Manuel Barroso said: "Management does not start for the inner world of the manager, the management of non-contact with themselves, unaware of their needs and feelings, turns out to be not only ineffective but harmful." The quality of learning is strongly influenced by family background source managers. The quality of inner life and consciousness of one's own needs, you can not learn in college, or doing a management course, or self-help or personal growth. On the other hand, is learned in the family triangle in the life of contacts and experience in family. Born from the experience of being family.

No university or academy can provide the roots, identity, life contacts and links that I was denied my family, no one can teach or transfer your inner life. An effective manager, which is evident in their competence to make sound decisions, to move flexibly to the changing environment, relationships with others, assuming manage risks and uncertainty, empathy and respect others, solve problems, negotiate, and so on. is a product of learning maps (norms, values) and effectiveness behaviors we experience family, who settled since childhood, learned in everyday family life, through modeling and teaching parents and relational life with siblings. It is in the family context where the manager has learned to work together with father, mother and siblings to meet a domestic task, to handle and manage money in the household economy, resolve conflicts effectively amid disagreements with other family members to negotiate rewards and privileges with siblings and parents, as Mom and Dad experiencing trading, to prioritize personal and organizational goals as a family depending on the availability of resources (time spent by parents, information provided by parents and siblings, money, etc.), to overcome challenges and even in the midst of adverse family circumstances, to respect the boundaries and spaces parents and siblings and to recognize their own, to commit an effort to achieve the goals of a family that identifies and feels part, to communicate own needs or to recognize the needs of other family members.