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WWF hopes that soon the Baltic Sea ports are aware of the importance of the issue and will meet environmental organizations calling for construction at ports of recycling waste from cruise ships. Ants are predicting a cold winter Environmentalists Tushino Park analyzed the statistics on the increase in ant hills of the forest area and came to the conclusion that the first time in recent years, according to the signs, the capital of Russia expects an early and cold winter. Increased activity of ants and ant hills rise in the number associated with good weather for them, but the sharp rise in the height of themselves ant suggests that the insects are preparing for an early and cold winter, heated their homes with the arrival of cold weather, experts say. Scientists have developed new ways to protect against earthquakes and tsunami earthquake and tsunami – one of the most destructive elements in our world, which even in seismically safe regions of the world led to the destruction of buildings and loss of life. Currently, humanity can only predict earthquakes with a certain degree of probability. But soon the situation could change – scientists are close to a new method of protection against the elements. A group of scientists from Britain and France developed a new technology that allows all types of waves sidestep massive objects. Already last year, was successfully test 'invisible' to the tsunami, but now physicists are ready to demonstrate protection against quakes.

Learn more about how scientists plan avoid damage from earthquakes and tsunami, read on ECOportal.ru. Global warming reduces the size of animals on the planet Scientists at the Research Center Semagref (Cemagref) in France as a result of the study concluded that a gradual increase in global temperature due to global warming leads to a decrease in average size of many species of animals. It's now known that the effects of global warming is strongly impact on animal planet. For many species in recent years has been characterized by a decrease of individuals of their populations. Among the influences on reduction of medium-sized animals, scientists have identified several important factors – increase in the community of animals of different species populations of smaller species, the increasing number of young individuals have not yet reached adult size, as well as by reducing the size of individuals within this age any particular form. ECOportal.ru been told earlier that global warming will affect the size of Scottish sheep soey species that inhabit the island Hold the 30-ies. Researchers concluded that the mass average sheep decreased by 5%.