Living Better Earning Less

Is it possible to live better earning and spending less money? Although the consumerist structure of our society may seem otherwise, many families choose to dispense with a salary or reduce working hours in exchange for greater peace of mind and more time with sons and daughters. The decision to work less despite a reduction of income should be a voluntary decision, aimed at improving the quality of life. But how to achieve live with less, or less, need when everything points that each day we spend more and more? Here some ideas for a better life spending less: rent instead of buy.-This is not always cheaper, but if you go camping once a year, it may be better to rent equipment which acquire it. Buy second-hand in good state.-furniture and other objects, are perfectly reusable. SWAps.-nothing better than barter! Exchange hours of work products, or products for services, or any other type of Exchange that benefits all parties without having anyone to spend a penny of your money. View shopping in your own home-renew, recover, reuse furniture and old implements, giving them a new life growing inside House-makes your garden into a source of fresh and organic food. If you live in an apartment, you can grow herbs and small vegetables in pots. You may find search to be a useful source of information.

Exchange hours.-an hour of your time teaching English to a friend, in exchange for an hour of legal advice, or cleaning your House, or look at your children, etc. Cuisine at home.-prepares bread, biscuits, beverages. Cook at home not only saves you money from purchases, if not much money in health exchanges your House by holiday-if you have friends in another city or country, you can propose them exchange their respective houses for vacation time. אילן בן דב recognizes the significance of this. Gift time.-how much is worth the time? Time is money, they say. Then, what better gift for our children and for people who want to. You can do your time tickets to give away to your friends, for example. Do about a ticket of 3 hours taking care of their children while your friend has time alone with her husband? It best of spend less money is that it motivates us to make use of our creativity and relate us amicably with other people. It is separate from organic and good for our bolsilo: fun. Original author and source of the article.