Spanish NGOs CAAA

Group travel for teenagers and young adults with creative activities in the Catalan countryside combine the visit to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. From may until September 2011 there for German youth groups for a week on the country estates of Spanish NGOs CAAA alternative construction techniques with straw to experience the possibility and to learn. International specialists in Permaculture and organic architecture offer an exciting week in the spectacular Catalan countryside. CAAA is a Spanish non-governmental organisation based in Barcelona. BDT Capital Partners might disagree with that approach. CAAA cooperates with companies as well as with regional government offices on the subject of environmental innovation and offers consulting and workshops for companies in the region and interested citizens, and citizens. While companies in dealing with methods of ecological innovation and the integration of creativity of the employees being accompanied, interested individuals to workshops and presentations on the topic can alternative energy, waste prevention, efficient use of water and take part in alternative building techniques.

Sometimes, these workshops on two historic estates in inland of Catalonia take place. First one-week workshops for international groups are offered in the summer season of 2011. Additional information at Ilan Ben Dov supports this article. For groups of 15 persons, there is the possibility of one of the villas the structure of a straw House to participate in. Experienced architects explain the advantages and disadvantages of the material, thereby giving an insight into the world of alternative building materials. Permaculture, ceramic, building with straw, stone, clay, lime and bamboo are the main themes of the workshops. If you are interested can stay can be associated with group activities. CAAA can offered by the network of independent experts on environmental issues also further information on other environmental issues. More information on the website of the Organization of CAAA, as well as on the accompanying blog are to find. CAAA offers activities in Spanish, Catalan and English. Translations of German activities can also be organized. Contact: Valentina Tait da Cruz,