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Voltmeter pointer. Device drivers can be useful for measuring the accuracy of the voltage at the battery, although he could find, and other applications where required to control the voltage in the range 10 … 15 V with accuracy of 0.01 V. To measure the voltage with an accuracy necessary or digital voltmeter, or voltmeter pointer with extended scale, which allows to control the interval of interest to us. Oscilloscope. At investigation or finding of electronic devices often need to make ham measurement of signal parameters, or at least observe the input and output signals to produce their record and it is likely transcript. To solve these problems in the analysis of digital-analog circuits usually use a number of devices: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, recorder, logical analyzer / generator.

As a general rule, any device urges the presence of an independent interface connector (usually LPT) and comes with its own power supply. In addition, because the skillful measurement technology, for example, produced under the brand name and Techtronics Adgilent, can not afford to solely ham developer, but including and not very reputable companies. Also, while the release of the latest microcontroller (C8051F321) with a splendid set of peripherals and support for high-speed channel communication (USB) with a computer does not require additional power sources are allowed to make a compact device combining all these functions are higher for very low cost. Immediately this device and is represented by USB oscilloscope. Buy oscilloscope is possible in any service center measuring equipment. Multimeter Arran. High-contrast LCD display, allowing you to no problems with the display reading to read in bright sunlight, and when built-in lighting, in unconditional darkness. To increase battery life, backlit display has a function timeout.

This series designed to meet the most stringent ergonomic progressive aspirations. The front panel of the housing performed in the absence of excessive bends and protrusions in order to provide a comfortable work with the device with one hand. Hold the device in hand and your fingers in the absence of specific tasks will be able to reach out to each button or in the absence of tasks to turn the mode dial. Each meter is equipped with 70 ARRA guard, has a stand hole for hanging, and limited lock probes. This cover ensures a high degree of security and ease of use device. Devices in this series are equipped with RS-232 interface with the optical isolation, providing not dangerous and easy integration to a PC for calibration and transfer of accumulated data.


To date navigator in the vehicle is unlikely to impress anyone. Nor is the complexity and buy it, but choose the browser is much more difficult. And it is not easy just because the market these days Navigators full product with different qualitative properties of various companies. The fact is that buying a gps navigator, first of all need to ask – what exactly you need from him, what functions will need you and you will be used. Classic for all models will be the geolocation function – binding location to a point on the map with a satellite that does not help only determine where you are now, but to establish a route based on your requests, whether, say, walking on a particular neighborhood or street. You will be able to calculate the current speed of its motion, the average speed and distance already. Advanced navigator will give you information on the status of the route – there is congestion. And in case of need – will indicate where it is recommended to rotate or reduce speed.

In other words, applying the proper vehicle navigator, you protect yourself from the risk of mix up the road. The main thing – to have available a map. Moreover, the route of your travel will be the most optimized and, importantly, safe. But such an appliance, as a car navigator, and was designed specifically for this task. In fact, relying only on the presence of a geolocation feature, it is easy to choose and buy a car navigator. Not so simply is the case, if you are interested in combining in one housing a variety of functions on the occasion of the lack of desire to carry in addition another two or three of any other electronic devices. So, for today tendency is scheduled for inclusion in gps navigator options such as saving and viewing photos, as well as a variety of electronic reference books, dictionaries, tutorials, MP3-player. Of special note is the function scalability, allowing you to not only see the smallest details in the photo, but also to explore the entire area in which you currently are, and some individual roads, streets and turns.

Certain models already have wireless modules Bluetooth, due to what can be downloaded into the memory device the information you need. In addition, the latest generation of car navigation can also contain a unit converter, currency converters, display the current time in your city. If it so happens, and look at the display behind the wheel you can not, the voice announcement names of streets, towns, at any time will help you. The obvious plus you can call gps navigation equipment with quality speakers, due to which you can hear interesting information even in the noise. Expanded list – this is certainly a considerable advantage, which can and determined by the acquisition of navigator for the car. But we can not exclude from the mind and the fact that you should not trust bezrazdumno long list of options specific model. Should understand that an important role when purchasing the device necessarily have to play quality and reliability necessary for you product. Be aware that the Russian market offered navigators by different companies. Garmin, for example – one of the world's market-leading manufacturing and sale gps navigators. To date, the company produced navigators for sportsmen and tourists, as well as water, air, cars and motorcycles. And, surprisingly, Garmin navigators are often different from their counterparts this enhanced functionality (especially the last lineup – Nuvi), that is, without doubt, can influence the decision when buying gps navigator.