The Lunar Calendar

The influence of the moon on the rhythm of life of earthly life is a lesson that accompanies the people since time immemorial. The mysterious charm of the Moon is often also in myths, legends, fairy tales and stories of many peoples. The moon has long been regarded as the seat of the gods, in some cultures even as a God or goddess herself! He received his divine attributes due to the observation that he regularly changed its shape. And of course also in the understanding of the relationships between its various shape forms and what’s happening on the ground. One of the oldest lessons of humanity is the influence of the moon on the tides of the sea, by the way, and this is now scientifically confirmed! As well as the fact that durability and use of wood from the corresponding moon phase is dependent on.

For example the Moon increases, then the juice flow in plants increases. Is the wood to this so-called wrong”like, it contains too much juice, which is then in turn cause for decay and short life span. These and other experiences have been collected over the course of thousands of years, recognized and disclosed. They form the basis for the present-day lunar calendar part of everyday life for many people. Based on the seven pulses of the moon be in the given tips and tricks around growth and various life forms thrive here. Hardly an issue is excluded from the collected, millennia-old knowledge of the lunar calendar in the meantime, be it health, Garden, working life, or love: always you can determine the optimal timing for harmonizing actions or allow by the lunar calendar. Thus, the lunar calendar is a companion that shine not only the shine of your hair or the green of house plants can be more consistent application, but can arrange for inner balance and happy relationships. nagement (FM) Services explained all about the problem. –