Annual sales between one hundred thousand (100,000) tax units and nine thousand one (9001) tax units. 2 Medium-sized industry unit of economic exploitation made by a legal person which carries out activities of production of industrial goods and related services within the following parameters: 2.1 plant workers with an average yearly not less than fifty-one (51) workers nor more than one hundred (100) workers. 2.2. Annual sales between one hundred thousand one (100001) tax units and two hundred fifty thousand (250000) tax units.

In Venezuela, according to the focus Office of statistics and Informatics (OCEI) a microenterprise has fewer than five employees, a small has between 5 and 20 between 21 and 100 employees and a large median has more than 100. The number of employees of a company does not reflect its production capacity or the value added to their products and services. Two micro-enterprises may be equal in number of employees but are very different if one produces software and another green plantains. Why some countries using measures of enterprise sizes other than the number of employees. It is very difficult to know how many companies there are in Venezuela, especially because many micro-enterprises are part of the informal economy and not go be moonlighting. The number of people in the informal economy (four million, half of the active population) makes more difficult the registration. An indirect way of knowing how many there are is based on Social insurance contributions.

For example in 1997 there were about 211000 companies. 78% of which 14% were micro-enterprises, small and the rest medium or large. A typical small industrial enterprise has less than 10 workers and equal amount of employees, and is managed by two or three owners, most with secondary or higher education. It does not use unpaid family. Half has one or two managers, in the other half, the owner is the sole Manager 60% has more than ten years of operation.