Presentation Work

Carries a log of agreements and pending there are projects to projects, some just with an initial meeting and another nearly to the end to develop and deliver our work satisfactorily, but there are others in change that require multiple meetings, with more than one working group, that means a quantity of ideas, decisions, disagreements, concerns and earrings that recall and, unless you have a memory of elephant it more advisable is to keep a record of this. Take a record or log of agreements and outstanding of each meeting will allow us to not only carry a control needs, but also the responsibilities and commitments of both parties, something very useful if we want to protect ourselves from bad misunderstandings, especially if we have to respond to more than one head. It is emphatically the doubts of the client and your commitments at any meeting are usually put into the air all sorts of ideas, from the most trivial and vague to the more complex and determinants, being our I work to maintain greater receptivity and possible attention to the concerns of the client. After so many meetings and projects you can to develop a technical desensitization towards the concerns of customers and an excess of confidence, this is a professional sin that we should avoid, because we must always work under the premise that the customer be agreed each thing that we said: If you can, if we will do it, if very well, etc. Plans and use all possible support material regardless if it is a boot, presentation or follow-up meeting, you must always load multimedia, documentary and logistical resources that will help you to see the greatest number of project details and make decisions more accurate. Using your own equipment for presentations if you’re going to display a series of designs or the functionality of some things, always do it on your own computer, avoids bringing in memories flash or CD to view it on the client computer, believe me, the impact of the presentation never will be the same, because in addition to dare not look with the desired quality, you take away the glamour and sophistication to your performance, this is not good, you should always keep the mystery of your work.