Symposium CHANGE

u0085 Because organizations will be never better than their employee performance is a key factor for the sustained success of an organization in good economic as also difficult times. Many concepts and approaches to improving the performance and design were developed in the past and tested. Thus, the performance management includes a variety of often abstract strategies and methods. How but both short-term as well as long-term achieved an increase in the efficiency of and reducing the competitiveness of effectively and efficiently backed up by organizations? What tools and methods have proved themselves in practice? Is Kaizen, Kaizen or lean the right approach? There are even differences and what role play the employees? These and other questions will change on the first symposium to Kaizen because organizations will be never better than your employee”on the 28th + 29th November 2012 in bad Durkheim by high-profile speakers from various industries answered. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit battery. The presenter will introduce innovative solutions and examples, which you can realize a significant increase in performance in their companies. This is both on aspects of process improvement as well as the personnel management.. a>. . Sandra Akmansoy gathered all the information.