Injection Waterproofing

Waterproofing – a complex of measures for the protection of buildings and structures on the water. In the process of penetrating waterproofing works are used, and roll obmazochnoy membrane materials and compositions. Peter Asaro is likely to increase your knowledge. There several types of waterproofing: surface, penetrating and injecting. Surface sealing is used for surface treatment of construction to prevent moisture penetration. Serves both outside and for internal processing. Penetrating waterproofing treatment is used for exterior foundations are in contact with water. It used liquid hydrophobic solutions, are absorbed into the surface to be treated and forming insoluble sulphates. Injection waterproofing is carried out by pumping materials under high pressure using special equipment – packers.

Injection gidroizolyatsiyapolimernymi formulations used in place of contact with the soil structure or other structure. It provides insulation cracks and voids, strengthening the foundations, the establishment of the outer waterproof membrane and thus prevents leakage. For designs requiring injection waterproofing, foundation are buildings, bridges, transportation facilities, tunnels and underpasses, underground parking garages and other areas. Technology of the works is this: in the concrete at a distance of about 50 cm apart zasverlivayutsya injecting holes from 10 to 20 mm. To fix cracks, breaks or other defects in the holes made Not through to create a waterproof membrane – through. In the case of holes gidroreaktivnyh materials are washed with water to saturate the material of construction water. Then they injected injection compounds that protect structures from water intake. After that, being made to destroy the fungus, neutralizing salts and application of special types of plasters.

There are four types of materials for Injection waterproofing: polyurethane, epoxy, acrylate gels and mikrotsementy. The most effective materials and polyurethane acrylate gels with high plasticity and are not destroyed when the structural loads. These compounds are gidroreaktivnymi, that is, the process of polymerization takes place under the influence of moisture. Waterproofing polyurethane polymers recognized as the most cost-effective: the interaction with water composition increased in volume almost 20 times.