Health Bath

One of the most important rooms in the House is, without a doubt, bathroom. It must always be in perfect state of hygiene, cleanliness and neatness. It is our place of grooming and it must be cared for with loving care. Follow others, such as isearch, and add to your knowledge base. However, why not has to be free of eye candy and design. When we think of domestic reforms usually our last priority on when to design, aesthetics and appearance, giving priority to functionality.

In fact, to acquire a home, especially if it is second hand, the first thing we always is change the sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. As well, replacing toilets in the bathroom of our home can do is anytime, since non-invasive is a book (unless you also change the pipes) that a plumber we can perform in less than 24 hours. If anything, to perform recommended replacement of bath by flush shower tray it entails something of masonry. Choosing health white can save us about 30% against the pastel tones or, even more than 50% front finishes like granite or edelweiss. Another interesting idea may be choosing a sink embedded in a Cabinet, since, we save the price of the pedestal and gain a space, always scarce, to keep soaps, colognes and shampoos. If we want to also change the plumbing we will make a calculation of 200 per water point.

Brands such as Roca, Gala or Sangra offer us a huge variety of models and colours that will fit our preferences and economic possibilities. The whole model Lady of rock, around 1,100 euros, composed of bidet, sink, pedestal, Bowl and cistern. We can find a shower tray, daiquiri, acrylic of 120 70 cm. model by about 250.