Chest Of Drawers Lucido – Glossy Spotlight

The chest of drawers Lucido cuts a good figure in every room. The white high-gloss front of piece of furniture excels in elegance and a simple look. Combined with chrome-plated feet, the chest of drawers is part of a modern interior design easily. The chest of drawers Lucido convinced by stylish design offers the dresser Lucido enough storage space for small and larger things of everyday life. In the entrance area, hats and scarves find a place, in the living room, dish or small snacks can be stowed stylishly.

The chest of drawers has two shelves which can be reached through two doors. Continue to meet the stylistic device of simple design, verzicthet was entirely on grips at the dresser Lucido. The plane design contributes to the simple look and gives a straightforward note any modern interior. The modern design is supported by matching silver feet. They create an exciting contrast with the white high-gloss front of piece of furniture and blend in each A room design. Here, the chest of drawers Lucido as discreet part of the institution can occupy a position or with coloured accessories are tastefully brought into focus.

Easy to care for and anywhere plant modern high gloss fronts are no longer comparable with the designs of the past. The surface has become much more robust and easy to clean, as in its beginnings. The chest of drawers Lucido is easy to clean and maintain, keep the high quality appearance over the years. No unsightly finger prints or plaster strips more disturb the shiny appearance of the chest of drawers. Easily combine the piece of furniture with other furnishings of the series Lucido or place the chest of drawers as part of your existing furniture in the room. The chest of drawers to any interior design can be combined due to the simple design and the white color. Produce such as exciting contrasts with colored walls and colourful accessories. Furniture series Lucido online order combining the Lucido dresser with other Pieces of furniture of the series and make your entryway, Office or your living room with high-quality furniture in high-gloss finish. You can order the pieces of furniture online and get even a best price guarantee. Can deliver to the article, shipping (within Germany) and easy even design your new and modern home. The furniture series Lucido will inspire you and contribute to a high-quality home furnishings with sophisticated design. Combine the white pieces of furniture with colored sofas, colourful vases or patterned wallpaper. A tastefully designed entrance area, the modern office or the colourful design of the living room are perfectly complemented by the furniture series Lucido.