Alternative Heating Systems

Currently, heat is an integral part in building. The choice of heating system – a complex task. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Asaro has to say. At the moment the market of heating systems there are many different systems for heating. One of the advanced systems of alternative heating is vortex heat. Vortex teplogenetatory have many advantages over other types of heating systems. The main advantages of the vhg is: Efficiency, safety, reliability, ease of use.

Consider these qualities more: Cost-effectiveness. Does not require laying of heating and gas networks, which allows considerable savings when installing a heating system. Safety. Vortex heat eliminates the use of harmful to the environment substance, such as gas, coal, firewood, diesel fuel. Is a likelihood of fire and explosion.

Reliability. Lifetime of the vortex boiler over 10 years. Ease of installation and maintenance. To set the vtg does not require special facilities. It can be installed in any convenient place for you. Management by the unit automatically management. Does not require training. One more important advantage – there is no need for harmonization of the installation, because energy is used for engine speed, and not to heat the coolant. Vortex heat generator can be used for heating, hot water, heating, process liquids, heating oil, water disinfection in swimming pools and other needs. Another type of alternative heating is (liquid heating device). This unique unit is designed for use in autonomous networks, heating, hot water and production processes associated with heating of the intermediate coolant. The heater is equipped with an automatic control and management. The main advantage – quiet. Liquid heating device has no motor, is used principally new heating system coolant. Works with any liquid coolant. Advantages : electric (Certified by Class 2 Electrical) fire (temperature of the housing does not exceed 120 C) durability ( service for over 30 years) productivity (has a high power factor of 0.99 USD) autonomy Easy Maintenance