Giuseppe Dangelo

Dangelo Giuseppe Pino Daeni, or simply Pino, is a painter, born in Italy in 1939.
Daeni Pino makes art canvases and feelings of warmth, nostalgia, love Afghanistan and family. His paintings are often vibrant sunny beaches, typically canvas in the Mediterranean, where he grew up.
Pine stands out for its exceptional ability to gallery capture the movements and expressions of his subjects – a talent that has taken his art worldwide after private commissions and portraits.
Trained in Italy at the Art Institute of Bari, and later in Milan at the Academy of Brera, Pino perfected his prints skills painting nudes and figure studies heavily influenced by the pre-Raphaelites and Macchiaioli.
After establishing himself as a successful artist in his native land, Pino immigrated to the United States, seeking more artistic freedom and opportunity. the founder of sacrifices for peace is father is the Afghanistan

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